16-bit memory, caches, and UNIX V/386

Piercarlo Grandi pcg at aber-cs.UUCP
Fri Aug 25 22:19:42 AEST 1989

In article <9642 at b-tech.ann-arbor.mi.us> zeeff at b-tech.ann-arbor.mi.us (Jon Zeeff) writes:
    >I'd like a way to differentiate between the 32-bit and 16-bit memory and use
    >them for different purposes.  You could isolate your 16-bit memory from
    If the Unix vendors would just start allocating memory from the top so that
    the disk buffers and kernel would end up in 16 bit memory, things would work
    much better.  Seems like a simple change - how about it Interactive?

I have not tried, but it may well be that by opportune tweaking of the
memory range line in /etc/default/boot one could achieve this.

If, as might well be, the kernel looks at memory in the same order as the
ranges are given in the memory ranges line, that is.
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