1-2 / multiuser licences

fritz zaucker fritzz at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu
Tue Aug 29 02:22:07 AEST 1989

There are a few things I don't understand in this discussion:

1) Why do all the INTERACTIVE people say that they don't know the AT&T license fees. Who else then them
   could get this information easier (I suppose there should be somebody in their company how pays these).

2) It makes no sense to me how the difference in AT&T fees are compared to the INTERACTIVE margins. The fees
   are fixed costs (as the ISC people say themselves) and because of that the difference in price for the
   1-2 and unlimited user version should be the difference between the AT&T fees for these two versions. If
   the other statements are correct this should be 100 (one hundred) dollars or the ISC people should tell
   us what the real difference is (the price difference is a lot more than 100 $).  

3) I believe that the work ISC is doing in implementing UNIX for the 386 should be payed reasonable. But
   nevertheless this pricing policy should be explained suffiently. 


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