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Chris Lewis clewis at eci386.uucp
Fri Aug 25 07:00:14 AEST 1989

In article <509 at loft386.UUCP> dpi at loft386.UUCP (Doug Ingraham) writes:

>Its not the less expensive part that bothers me.  Its the idea of selling
>something you went out of your way to cripple for less money.  I purchased
>an unlimited license so I don't know exactly how it was done.

I do (at least in ISC).  It ain't crippled - the two user system is *exactly*
the same as the multiuser.

>I would
>guess that the crippling is in getty, or login because I understand you
>can still have any number of uucp dialouts going.  If it is done in getty
>or login, it is easy to get around.

Um, no.  This won't work.  They were sneakier than that.

>Write your own getty/login replacement.
>I suppose this would violate your 2 user license agreement.  It surprises
>me that the marketing genius that thought of this didn't come up with a
>whole tier of prices based on exactly the number of users allowed on.
>$500 base + $50/user.  Extra effort == Lower cost.

They didn't because having two versions is bad enough.  Supporting several
more tiers would be too hard to administer.

Though, a 4 user version would be nice.

And, no, I'm *not* going to tell anybody how it's done.

If you want to upgrade your 2 user ISC to multi-user, call your distributor, 
they may tell you how to do it yourself, provided that you pay the license 
differential.  Or, they may try to rip you off by charging you the whole
price.  Actually, I guess the principal difficulty would be with the paperwork
of ensuring that the AT&T license police see that the proper fees have been
paid (thru the distributor and ISC).
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