gcc and g++ compilers

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM
Thu Aug 17 12:02:53 AEST 1989

I have some questions concerning the GNU compilers, both gcc and g++.

First off I am running ISC 2.0.1 on a 20Mhz system with 3 Meg of memory.
I have successfully built gcc, but it has some problems. Mainly it
is SLOW!!!, it seems that when the pass gcc-cc1 runs it hangs the whole
system for quite a while, I do not know if it grabs so much memory that
everything else is swapped out or what. It does this even compiling some
simple little "hello world" type program. I have been patient and let it
run to completion and it will eventually finish, however if I turn on the
optimizer it has hung so long that I gave up and killed it. I wondered if
anyone else sees this type of behavior, am I not running with enough memory
or could something else be the problem?? Trying to compile some appreciable
source archive is completely unacceptable.

Secondly, I have tried to build the g++ compiler and had even less success.
Initially when built it was generating assembly code with symbol names that
the assembler rejected. Thanks to Tom Friedel I was pointed at a patch file
on tut.cis.ohio-state.edu (Thanks TOM!!) which fixed this problem and some
problems relating to the COFF linker. I ftp'ed that file, applied the changes
and rebuilt things. The one problem I had related to building crt0+.o and
crtn+.o. There was a string being put into an asm() function that the
compiler claimed was a bad construction. The only way I could get around
it was to generate the assembly file and then edit it before assembling it.
I would really like to know how any one got it to work as it was. 
However, after building the compiler components and installing them I am 
getting an abort, core dump from the compiler pass gcc-cc1plus. I would like
to hear from anyone else who has encountered and solved this problem. The
main thing I am worried about is that the source base that I am working on
was taken from work and it is not guaranteed untouched. If others out ther
have gotten it to work OK, perhaps I should ftp untouched distribution and
try again.

Any help or suggestions in these matters would be greatly appreciated! Post
or mail to me. The addresses in my signature are OK but I would see mail
more quickly addressed to jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM.

Jack F. Vogel			jackv at seas.ucla.edu
AIX Technical Support	              - or -
Locus Computing Corp.		jackv at ifs.umich.edu

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