16-bit memory, caches, and UNIX V/386

Karl Lehenbauer karl at ficc.uu.net
Wed Aug 30 02:48:43 AEST 1989

In article <9642 at b-tech.ann-arbor.mi.us>, zeeff at b-tech.ann-arbor.mi.us (Jon Zeeff) writes:
> If the Unix vendors would just start allocating memory from the top so that
> the disk buffers and kernel would end up in 16 bit memory, things would work
> much better.  Seems like a simple change - how about it Interactive?

I for one would not want the kernel in 16-bit RAM.  I would still like to see
more explicit control, using the 16-bit RAM (on my system at least) for disk
cache and maybe a ramdisk.
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