Acceptable Unix Configuration?

Steve Lyle steve at stiatl.UUCP
Wed Aug 23 23:27:49 AEST 1989

In article <36840 at bu-cs.BU.EDU| madd at (Jim Frost) writes:
|In article <459 at> dar at (David Reisner) writes:
||	AST 386c - 20MHz, 4M RAM, Adaptec 1540 SCSI host adapter,
||	Micropolis 1375 150M disk, Video-7 VRAM VGA 512k, and Sony
||	1304 monitor (or similar (NEC 4D?));  Interactive 386/ix
||	with X11.3 (w/ special price on 386/ix).
||	~$6500 for the whole thing, from a good, local dealer.
||My main goal for the system is running Unix and X in a pleasant manner,
||and with minimum hassles.

One small point to keep in mind.  ISC allows only _one_ hard disk controller
to be present during the initial installation.  If you want the Micropolis
to be the boot drive, you'll need a SCSI host adapter that supports a floppy
drive or (possibly) have a separate controller for the floppy (I haven't
tried the second choice).  The Adaptec AHA 1540 is supported by ISC but 
does not run floppies.  There is an equivalent model (the AHA 1542A, I think)
which will support floppy drives and works fine under 386/ix.

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