Ethernet boards for ISC 386/ix

Lance Norskog lance at belltec.UUCP
Fri Aug 11 11:14:50 AEST 1989

In article <1423 at hydra.gatech.EDU>, gb7 at prism.gatech.EDU (Joe Bradley) writes:
> The only other potential problem is that the ISC sysadm script for
> configuring host based TCP/IP wants to set an IRQ of 3 to 7 for this
> board.  Well, all of those are taken in my present configuration, and
> the board will support IRQ 2.  Thus, I edited the sysadm script to allow
> me to set an IRQ of 2 (and of course set the board likewise).  Assuming
> that's not causing a problem, then I guess I have to conclude the board
> just plain won't work in my machine because the clock rate is too high. 

Interrupt 2 on the card is interrupt 9 in the operating system, so you 
want to sysadm with 9 and then set the WD interrupt jumper at the left-hand
end (interrupt 2).  The WD driver in Streamlined TCP figures out if this
is the problem and prints out a message on the console, I don't know if the
386/ix driver does.

The motherboard mhz is not the problem, the Dell machine should clock the bus
somewhere between 6-10mhz and the WD should work fine.  I think the WD cards 
come with a disk that has a diagnostic on it; did you run that?

The device driver for the WD board should do a complete check on the card
when the system comes up (the one in Streamlined TCP does).  You can test
the digital and analog signal path at various points and make sure the 
shared memory works.

The WD driver in 386/ix was written by Western Digital, and is available in
source form from them, if all else fails.

Lance Norskog
Sales Engineer
Streamlined Networks

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