how about RN and Interactive?

Mark Hilliard mark at kodak.UUCP
Wed Aug 30 06:31:48 AEST 1989

Thanks to all of those who answered on the news problem with Interactive Unix.
That problem has been fixed!  Now for the next one:

Not liking readnews, we wanted to compile the rn package.  I can tell you that
there were lots of problems.  We were able to fix most of them but the following
error has us stimied:

ngdata.c: 132: extra tokens (ignored) after directive
ngdata.c: 141: extra tokens (ignored) after directive
ngdata.c: 168: extra tokens (ignored) after directive
ngdata.c: 177: extra tokens (ignored) after directive
"ngdata.c", line 187: syntax error
"ngdata.c", line 194: dirp undefined
"ngdata.c", line 197: warning: illegal pointer/integer combination, op =


If you can make any sence of this please help shed some light on it.

Mark Hilliard

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