SCO MicroSoft C Compiler comments

Wm E Davidsen Jr davidsen at
Mon Aug 28 08:12:14 AEST 1989

  Before I bought Xenix for my home machine I got copies of Xenix/386,
ix/386 and MicroPort. The Xenix compiler was best in overall speed and
did not have any internal failures. Both MP and ix had some cases in
which the C compiler would generate code which the assembler couldn't
handle, using registers not in the 386 (R10 and R11 are PDP-11).

  Trying later versions I find that the MSC compiler still produces
better code by a small margin, although not all you might be led to
believe from the ads ;-) I have been led to believe by some ix/386 ads
and hype at shows that they have enhanced the compiler and that what
they ship is a good bit better than the original port. If this is true,
then SCO may be shipping the original port.

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