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Fri Dec 22 17:00:21 AEST 1989

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>> I am looking for a kernel debugger for Unix System V/386 . I have heard that

>ISC's 386/ix has one that comes with their OS.  We use it quite a bit, and
>find it useful.  It's pretty basic, but has most of the features you really
>need.  Of course, if you already have another OS, and are looking for an
>add on package, this won't be much help.

Maybe you can answer a question for me.  I've RTFMd and not been able to
figure this one out.  TFM mentions setting breakpoints, but NOWHERE does it
say how to start the kernel executingg again!  Every time I've entered
the debugger, either due to a panic, or by hitting ctrl-alt-d, the only way out
seemed to be the power switch.  Am I missing something?

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