Request for Help on Interactive COM2: access

HIM tron1 at tronsbox.UUCP
Sat Dec 23 11:37:40 AEST 1989

>Interactive's documentation seems to say that the asy driver comes
>pre-installed and that it handles both COM1: and COM2:. None of the
>kconfig/sysadm menus seem to want to give me any information 
>regarding the serial ports.

I will post this BOTH in email and on the net to be sure you get it.

The interactive system >I< run (2.0.2 W/X.5 ASY FIX) did NOT come so
configured, the easy way to change this is : 

in the file "/etc/conf/sdevice.d/asy you will see the following ..

asy Y 1 7 1 4 3f8 3ff 0 0
asy N 1 7 1 3 2f8 2ff 0 0

You will notice that COM2: is disabled.  Edit that file so that it reads...

asy Y 1 7 1 4 3f8 3ff 0 0
asy Y 1 7 1 3 2f8 2ff 0 0

And do a rebuild from kconfig.

There are probably better ways to check it , but I think this is a good way
to fix it.

BTW: If you DONT have the ASY FIX X.5 and the 2.0.2 set , umm, GET EM)

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