Taking risks on software (ISC)

John L. Grzesiak jlg at odicon.UUCP
Sun Dec 3 04:48:53 AEST 1989

In article <106 at gizzmo.UUCP>, mark at gizzmo.UUCP (mark hilliard) writes:
> In article <PCG.89Nov20120912 at emerald.cs.aber.ac.uk> pcg at emerald.cs.aber.ac.uk (Piercarlo Grandi) writes:
> >
> >If I were your CEO I would fire you straight away. If your
> Thank goodness that you are NOT the CEO of ANY large or small corporation! 

I must agree with Mark here, no risk systems and guarantee's are fine in theory,
 yet there has been no practical application of it. Probably because the
 human condition has not yet been perfected. Methinks Piercarlo opens his mouth
 a bit too often and frequently tastes foot, for any CEO that does doesn't 
 understand risk and diplomacy as well as a plethora of legal conditions is
 an anachronism in today's business world.  As someone matures into CEO material they have a balance of Assertive business sense coupled with an acceptance
 of reality. They also KNOW what it is like to have been given sales pitches,
 and sold a bill of goods. Anyone who expects perfection from ANY employee in
 light of reality is both immature and irresponsible. (And not likely to rise
 to the position of CEO anyway)

 P.S. I realize that much of this is incendiary material, it is , however,
 incentive for all involved (Myself included) to think before keying responses.
 This is what I intended to say....

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