Taking risks on software (ISC)

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Sat Dec 2 01:18:41 AEST 1989

In article <[484.5]comp.unix.i386;1 at point.UUCP> wek at point.UUCP (Bill Kuykendall) writes:
>>    Larry, don't you suppose the rest of us are tired of hearing about
>>    your personal war with Interactive?  Folks, 2.0.2 is running here
>>    at vpnet, and quite well too, I might add.
>That's high praise for ISC Gerry, considering the personal war you (and Karl
>Deninger on your behalf) waged with ISC a few months ago.  I'm glad to hear
>that everything is running smoothly now.  

Question for those who should be in the know:

Can we still get the developer's discount (75%) on the 386/ix software?  It
>does< appear to work ok now, and if so we might be interested in getting
ahold of a copy complete with all the add-on jollies :-)

Who do I call to find out about all this kind of stuff?  Our distributors
(some of who stock ISC) don't have any idea whether that deal is still
available... or was it only for the "beta testers" :-)

Replies via email, posts, and phone calls welcome.

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