how about RN and Interactive?

Ron Stanions sauron at dsoft.UUCP
Sat Dec 23 10:00:13 AEST 1989

I had this problem with news2.11 on a system running 386/ix, and
just today finished installing rn successfully myself. 

to fix some problems with rn, all I did was add

#include <dirent.h> 

to the start of the file (ngdata.c and term.c I think) and change the 
references from "struct direct ..." to "struct dirent" wherever and
whenever they occurred.  this seems to have worked fantastically.

for news2.11 I beleive all I did was to add

#include <sys/ptem.h>, though I suspect I had to do a few more things that
I really don't remember any more.  sorry

as for all those statements that say: 

file.c: ## extra tokens (ignored) after directive

these are a result of information on #endif and #else statements. 386/ix's
compiler doesn't like things like 

#ifdef TIOCTL
#else !TIOCTL	/* this is an extra token */
#endif TIOCTL	/* this is an extra token */

the TIOCTL and !TIOCTL after #else and #endif are only commentary, and
come up as warnings to 386/ix cc.  also 

#ifdef TIOCTL;

produces a similar warning. it doesn't like the semicolon.

I edited ALL occurances of these things out of all the .c and .h files
and recompiled everything without a single warning message, and the system
appears to be running very happily indeed right now!

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