ISC disk driver bug?

Jack F. Vogel jackv at turnkey.gryphon.COM
Wed Dec 20 03:35:55 AEST 1989

In article <258D393B.1670 at> baxter at (Ira Baxter) writes:
[ ..... discussion of controller problem deleted....]

>..... W1-1,2, handling "latched" mode (unfortunately, the
>docs *don't* say what this does), and W1-5-6, which disables cache
>control.  If the cure is disabling the cache, then the point of buying
>the controller was wasted.  I'm waiting for WD to tell me what
>"latched" mode does.
No need to wait for WD, latched mode doesn't do much of anything. It controls
whether the drive select signal is "latched" or not. For instance, on a 1003 I
think it is hardwired (not sure but any of them I've seen were set up that
way). The visible evidence of this mode is that the drive select light on
the drive last selected will stay on, whereas when its off and no drive is
selected no drive light will be on.

Exciting, right :-}?

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