bash size

Tim Brown tim at comcon.UUCP
Sun Dec 31 09:57:25 AEST 1989

Platform: ISC2.0.2 SysV 3.2 on a 386
Bash v1.04.22
compiler: cc

I have bash running ok, but my jaw dropped when I saw the size of the
executable.  I played alittle....  I tried removing the debug stuff and
adding optimization, and stripping it.  ld said it couldn't malloc
19megs!  Since, I have re-installed from the original tar file and would
be happy with two things.

1. Resolve this error:

ld 90 fatal: no string table in file make_cmd.o


This is from a complete re-install from tar file.  I only made some
changes so DIR would work and termsig.

2. How *do* I link a smaller bash?  Mine is comming out at 580K+!

Thanks much.

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