1.44 drives on i386

Pim Zandbergen pim at cti-software.nl
Sat Dec 9 05:15:36 AEST 1989

pcg at aber-cs.UUCP (Piercarlo Grandi) writes:

>In article <4007 at amelia.nas.nasa.gov> izen at cwru.cwru.edu (Steven H. Izen) writes:
>    Now here's a question for the netlanders:
>    I'm thinking of swapping my two drives, to make the 1.44 meg (in dos language)
>    a:, and my 1.2 meg drive b:.  Does anyone know how I can create a bootable
>    1.44 meg 386/ix floppy from my 1.2 meg distibution floppy?  I tried dd
>    unsuccessfully, but I could have specified some parameters incorrectly.

>This also works for Microport, ESIX, etc...:

[ formula how to do this deleted ]

OK, and now the other way around. I have a 1.44 MB boot floppy
and want to produce a 1.2 MB boot floppy. I imagined this would work
on a system with a 1.2 MB boot drive and a secondary 1.44 MB drive:

	format /dev/rdsk/f0q15dt
	dd if=/etc/fboot of=/dev/dsk/f0q15dt
	mkfs /dev/dsk/f0q15d 2370:144 1 32
	labelit /dev/dsk/f0q15d instal flop
	mkdir /a /b
	mount /dev/dsk/f0q15d /a
	mount -r /dev/dsk/f1q18d /b
	cd /b
	find . -print | cpio -pdmuav /a

This boot diskette will boot, display copyright messages,
but then complains with:

	FD drv 0, blk 1581: Sector not found
	NOTICE: page read error on floppy disk 0, partition 2

So, what went wrong?

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