Emacs 18.55 can't run on 386 (SysV.3.2), help!

Piercarlo Grandi pcg at aber-cs.UUCP
Thu Dec 21 08:16:19 AEST 1989

In article <PINKAS.89Dec19174826 at joker.intel.com> pinkas at joker.intel.com
(Israel Pinkas) writes:

	[ problems installing emacs 18.55 on a 386 ]

    I found that I could not compile fns.c with the -O flag.  I don't know
    why, but when I did, Emacs died in concat() with Error 11 whenever it
    tried to access things from the DOC file.  (It appeared to read in the
    file without problems, but died looking up the string.)  When compiled
    without the -O flag, everything is fine.

More or less once a month I have to repeat: the 386 optimizer is fairly
good, but it does by default *inline* bits of assembler code here and there,
most notably concat. Unfortunately this breaks alloca(), so the solution is
to turn off inlining on any source that uses alloca(). In other words you
can use the following options:

	-O -W2,'-y 0'

and you will have optimization without inlining, and alloca() will work.  If
you want to have an idea of which fancy optimization the 386 optimizer does,
add -z to -y. Now, if only AT&T documented the zillion options for the
optimizer, it would be nicer.
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