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Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Sat Dec 23 02:39:55 AEST 1989

In article <8912202217.AA24308 at> paine at (Willy Paine) writes:
>>Contact support at isd001 which is technical support in Hollis.
>Thank you!
>>I called Telegodzilla and downloaded the ISC version of PROYAM, unsqueezed
>>it then installed the SNP - and the result is a program that works sometimes -
>>but for general use I still use the Xenix release of ProYam under ISC.
>That is right.  With Xenix version, I have little problem with Function
>keys but this work perfect for Xenix and SCO Unix 3.2.
>NOW.. after recieving many mails from usenet and compuserve, I decide to
>follow guy from Hawaii to delete all ISC mail junks: mail, mailx,
>sendmail and lmail etc etc.  I install smail3 (I used from Karl's for
>AKCS) and Elm and these work perfect but I am using /usr/spool/mail
>instead of /usr/mail.  I used Xenix mail in too.   Now ACKS is back to
>work on order!!   Guy from Hawaii is using Smail 2.5 package and this is
>still good, even it is not working with AKCS.   Sendmail is popular
>package for TCP/IP and I am using this for my work on DEC networking.  I
>don't understand ISC is making another errors on installation, like what
>ISC did last time with asy problem.

Look in /usr/lib/smail/routers, transports, & directors.  You should find a
definition for the local user there.  Change the directory.

Presto! :-)

Smail 3 can also be compiled for tcp/ip networking.  If you do this, it is a
drop-in sendmail replacement.  100%.  We did it here, had to hack on it a
bit, but it works and works well.  Cooking with Gas!

The best part is that you can actually understand the configuration files :-)

>I warn you that I heard that ISC is working on next version using POSIX
>standard and C1 Security and these may be another SCO Unix headache!!
>C1 Security makes chat program disabled.

Oh yuck.  I hope that can at least be turned off.  ISC is just fine from
that position as it is.  And I >love< the filesystem speed.

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