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Wed Dec 13 15:21:18 AEST 1989

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Hi! , I run a unix based BBS in Nj and would like to expand it's abilities a
bit. While I could write the following 3 things myself, I am sure they are
out there somewhere already ..

1) - A "VOTE BOOTH" program, source / binary . Generic voter for taking
opinions. Preferable one easy to change topics with.

2) - A "MATCHMAKER" program , preferably one that can be deal with email
responses/queries but a local machin only one will do. This is the standard
.. "you fill out a form , I fill out a form, the machine finds that we
belong together"

3) - A "DOWNLOADER" program, user freindly "these are the files we have ,
here is the descriptions, do you want to x/y/z modem any of them?"

Thanks! replies by mail or post if you would like.

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