DOS & UNIX co-existence on AT&T 6386s: guidelines sought

Dr. Scump aland at infmx.UUCP
Thu Dec 21 08:09:45 AEST 1989

Subject line pretty much says it.  We are getting a bunch of 6386s
(6386/25 WGS and 6383E/33) on which we'd like to run both DOS 3.3
and UNIX V 3.2.2.  Are there any special tricks for doing so?
My initial plan is to build a moderate DOS partition on one of the
drives (all machines will have 2 ESDI drives) and be able to boot
into either DOS (not Simultask; regular DOS) or UNIX.  

As far as I know, the 6386s do not have inherent dual-boot capability, 
so I plan to have the primary UNIX partition as the boot partition 
and boot DOS from floppy when needed.  Is this off-base?  Can I have
a DOS partition sitting on one of the drives that comes into play
only when I boot from a DOS diskette, and have all of the UNIX
partitions recognizeable when I boot UNIX?

I expect that a number of people have tried such things.  As I think
this would be of general interest, posted responses are fine.  Email's
fine, too -- I will summarize any email responses.  (If any email
respondents want their comments *omitted* from a summary, say so in
the email).

Also, any configuration tips/advice would be appreciated.  (Email)

Quick note on the planned configurations:

   6386/25                                6386/33        
------------------                   ------------------
16 MB memory                         16-24 MB memory
1 135MB ESDI drive                   2 300 MB ESDI drives
1 300MB ESDI drive

          AT&T UNIX System V/386 Rel 3.2.2  and MS-DOS 3.3
          AT&T 125MB Streaming tape unit
          AT&T 329M VGA card & VDC600 VGA monitor
          AT&T 2400 baud external modem
          Consensys PowerPorts 16-terminal serial controller
          Consensys PowerStor caching ESDI disk controller
          3Com 3C503 Ethernet card (also for use with PC-NFS under DOS)

Thanks in advance.

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