vpix problems

Witold Paluszynski witold at cs.washington.edu
Wed Dec 6 13:49:07 AEST 1989


I am new to 386/ix and System V in general (I have used various
flavors of BSD systems for a number of years).  I just tried using
VP/ix and discovered some serious problems with it.  The system
has a DOS partition (32 MB) on the disk which is mounted with:
	mount -f DOS /dev/dsk/0p1 /dos
When I try accessing the files on this partition (created under
DOS), most of them look like they are empty.  TYPE'ing or
COPY'ing produce just blank lines.  From Unix, ls shows that they
are not empty, have 777 protection, and are owned by root.  But
cat or more only produce blank lines.  These files are normally
accessible from DOS with TYPE or COPY.

Upon some investigation, things look even worse.  While most
files cannot be more'd some can, but garbage follows (what should
be) the end of the file.  For some otherwise normal DOS files ls
reports enormous lengths.  Other non-empty files have length 0.
Still other files have lengths about what they should be.

Is this behavior normal under VP/ix or should I suspect a problem
with this system?  What kind of problem?  This system has been
newly installed from the just received 386/ix version 2.0.2.


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