Looking for smart serial ports for Unix

Dr. Scump aland at infmx.UUCP
Sat Dec 16 14:18:08 AEST 1989

Has anybody used the Consensys Powerports intelligent ports card?
I have yet to see *any* mention of this card, and their marketing
blurbs sound very promising.  They support 8 full-screen tasks
per physical terminal (and you can hot-key between them), offloads
all communications work to an  on-board NS32000, etc.  They currently
have drivers for SCO XENIX 2.2.3 (not SCO UNIX V/3.2) and AT&T Sys V
Rel 3.2.[12], with support for SCO UNIX and 386/ix 2.0.2 on the way.
I've had several conversations with their Director of Sales, and
he is sending me a board to eval (and one of their caching ESDI
controllers that is supposed to beat the pants off DPT).

Now, are there any *users* out there who actually use either the ports
card or the controller?  Experiences?  

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