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Michael Borza mike at antel.uucp
Thu Dec 21 02:21:11 AEST 1989

In article <8912191952.AA12532 at> paine at (Willy Paine) writes:
>                        I still have problem with stupid install.mail
>I am still getting wrong sender's address (either uucp or root) instead
>of true sender's name on all incomming uucp mail.  I am still looking
>for help.

Install.mail links /bin/ to /bin/mail and /bin/lmail.  For some
reason I've not spent any time trying to figure out, /bin/ spits
out the wrong sender's address, either uucp or root, as you point out.
I've found two solutions: rm /bin/mail and /bin/lmail then link
/bin/mail.old to /bin/mail and /bin/lmail; or install smail from source
and link /bin/mail.old to /bin/lmail.

mike borza.
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