X11 under 386/ix 2.0.2

John L. Grzesiak jlg at odicon.UUCP
Sun Dec 3 04:25:18 AEST 1989

Interactive and most other IX386 systems respawn too quickly if there
are duplicate inittab labels:

|| -- These character positions
01:23:respawn:		/etc/getty tty000 9600
01:23:respawn:		/etc/getty tty00 9600

the 01 header is /etc/init 's label for spawning. If there are two entries
the same , init will start them both and then scan the process table. When
it finds two entries for the same label it freaks out. I saw this problem
first when installing an Anvil terminal subsystem. It seems when placing its
init file in /etc/conf/init.d , they did'nt place init labels in front of
each entry. So when I would rebuild the kernel and it did an environment
setup, the setup would assign labels to entries that did'nt have them.
Guess what! , the anvil lines were assigned labels duplicating the internal
serial boards, and thereby causing init to go nuts. The fix was to simply
assign unique labels in the appropriate init.d file.

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