Binary Compatibility

Tim Brown tim at comcon.UUCP
Sun Dec 17 09:09:30 AEST 1989

I am currently running WP4.2 the unix version on my ISC202 box along side
the WP Office for xenix.  This is working very well.  There is no problem
with this because WP products all use the same terminal definition
system.  It is neither termcap or terminfo, but something they came up
with, therefore xenix binarys and unix binarys work the same.  Note that
the binaries will run anywhere, it is terminal handling and tcp that you
have to watch out for.  That is the only area that WP Office falls down
is the mail program won't communicate with my tcp linked system at all
via tcp, however due to the flexibility of uucp, I can route to that
machine that way.  That aside I am very happy with the way it runs.  I
can only assume that this would be the case for other xenix binaries as

As to WP50 for unix, I heard it was going to be for XENIX.  If it is
indeed for SCO UNIX, then it should work fine on ISC.

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