Re^2: ESIX joys!! (?!)

Gordon W. Ross gwr at linus.UUCP
Fri Dec 22 02:10:49 AEST 1989

In article <1989Nov30.201416.10901 at arnor.uucp> uri at writes:
>In article <7011 at>, peter at (Peter da Silva) writes:
>> > The Color [X] is ABSOLUTELY unusable (slow).
>> I haven't seen a color X that wasn't unusable by my standards. When
             [ double negative-> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ]
>> 33 MHz 80386 is less responsive than a 7 MHz 68000, there's something
>> wrong, even if you *can* get work done.
>Well, this thread is getting too long, but...
>You say you haven't seen an unusable X by your standards? [...]

[ Heated comments deleted for brevity ]


By the way, Uri, the double negative Peter used means that every color
X he has seen has been unusable by his standards.  (Double negatives
are confusing and are therefore considered poor writing style.)

I also wanted to come to the defense of ESIX here (even though I have
no financial interest in them) because I am quite pleased with the
high quality X servers included in the (latest) revision C of their
system.  The color X (for the VGA) looks faster than the b/w server
from the previous release (Rev. B) and I find it very usable.
(I agree that the color X server in Rev. B was very slow.)

Other nice additions in Rev C. include support for several different
graphics adapters and support for high resolution modes (800x600x16
and 1024x768x16 on Paradise, Video 7 and others).

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