Questions on X11 xterm and termcaps

Rick Richardson rick at pcrat.uucp
Sat Dec 16 01:42:14 AEST 1989

In article <786 at pai.UUCP> erc at pai.UUCP (Eric Johnson) writes:
>1) I use X11 as my standard interface.
>2) In the C shell, csh, using xterm, when the TERM variable is
>set to "xterm", I find vi does NOT like the arrow keys 
>on my PC/AT keyboard at all.

Remove the "smkx" capability from the xterm terminfo description.
The function and arrow keys are described with the "normal"
sequences in the xterm description, but the smkx capability
switches the emulator into sending the "application" sequences.

I may have this backwards, and my VT100 terminology may be
lacking, but if you get rid of "smkx" everything will work OK.

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