networking under SimulTask

D. Chadwick Gibbons chad at
Mon Dec 4 04:36:42 AEST 1989

	I had recently loaded SimulTask, version 2.0, I believe,
onto my AT&T System V 3.2 386.  It appears to work well enough,
but my attempts to use an existing LAN in DOS mode did not work,
as I assumed.  I believe it would be possible to take advantage of
the network since the ability to use tcp/ip with the same hardware
exists.  However, I assume my problems are because of the nonexistance
of a device driver for the network communication board, which
happens to be a standard microsystems ARCNet communications board,
attached to a Novell NetWare SFT 2.15 file server.  I've contacted
sms about doing something along these lines, and they say it is
possible, although I was given little more information.  Has anyone
ever attempted to use a networking facility under SimulTask, and
have had any success?

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