Shells (was: job control in 386/ix?)

Gary Blumenstein garyb at crpmks.UUCP
Thu Dec 7 00:43:12 AEST 1989

In article <324 at ubbs-nh.MV.COM> gmd at ubbs-nh.MV.COM (George MacDonald) writes:
>One reason for the lack of enthusiasm for csh is that the ksh has existed for
>over 6 years inside AT&T. FYI the ksh provides all of the csh features in
>a slightly different way, plus it is smaller, faster and upwards compatible
>with the bourne shell. 

For those of you who are interested, Mortice Kern Systems, the makers of
the MKS Toolkit for DOS has a Korn Shell available for both SCO and 
ISC *NIX.  The software is called Trilogy and contains ksh, awk, and crypt.
I don't know what advantages you get with their version of awk although 
it's advertised as compatable with Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan's 
1987 awk specification.  The package is cheap too, $119 buys you non-copy 
protected 386 binaries.

I ordered a copy for SCO XENIX and will buy the ISC version if it works out
for my applications.  The salesman told me that you don't see a copyright
banner when ksh is invoked.  I like this because it means our carefully 
designed user interface won't get blasted by some confounded foreign invasion 
of characters (as some other ksh implementations do)!

                           MKS is located at
                           35 King St. North
                           Ontario, Canada N2J 2W9
                           Orders: (800) 265-2797
                           Info:   (519) 884-2251
                           Fax:    (519) 884-8861

* * Disclaimer * *  These are only my opinions. We're not pushing MKS products.

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