I have GCC 1.36 working on SCO Xenix 386.

Mark Buda hermit at devon.lns.pa.us
Thu Dec 7 11:13:33 AEST 1989

I have some patches to make GNU CC work under SCO Xenix 386. I'm not sure
what I should do with them. Karl Kleinpaste at OSU says he can probably make
them available for anonymous FTP/UUCP. Is this sufficient? Should I post
them? Where? alt.sources? comp.sources.misc? comp.unix.xenix? Should I ask
for people who are willing to keep it in their archives until the changes
are merged with the official GNU distribution, if they ever are? Have I wasted
my time because somebody else has already done it?

The patches are not fully tested, because I don't have enough RAM/swap space
to compile all of gcc with itself using -O. Also, you can't use a symbolic
debugger on gcc-produced executables (yet).

What should I do?

Mark Buda
hermit at chessene.uucp		/ hermit%chessene.uucp at rutgers.edu
devon.lns.pa.us!chessene!hermit	/ ...!rutgers!devon!chessene!hermit
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