Disks Hang Under 2.0.2 SCSI

Steve Snow steve at corpane.UUCP
Sat Dec 16 02:35:53 AEST 1989

>In article <654400003 at cdp> steve at cdp.UUCP writes:
>>We have been experiencing regular crashes running under
>>Interactive 2.0.2 with 3 SCSI disks on an aha1542a.  Later in
>>this message is a script which crashes our machine.  The


>We have had the same failure here under similiar conditions.  Configuration
>here is an Adaptec host adaptor and 2 380 mb Newbury data drives.  

We are running ISC 2.0.2 here on an Acer System 15 with two 600meg Micropolis
drives. We have however replaced the ISC SCSI driver with the Chantel SCSI
driver. I ran the test script for well over 6 minutes with no problems at all.
Sounds like to me your problem is in the ISC driver. I highly recommend the
Chantel driver since it supports 8mm tape drives and optical disks which we
use for backups. The driver has been very solid and instalation was easy.

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