Portable suggestions?

Russell Brown russell at kings.co.uk
Thu Dec 14 03:45:24 AEST 1989

I'm considering making my first foray into the world of AT architecture
systems after living in the comfortable security of custom built (and
proprietry) super micros.  The system I'm think of building might not be
possible so I'm asking for your pointers/suggestions....

The wishlist:-

	Portable (lugable/mains powered) system.
	Fast (25/33Mhz) processor
	SCSI Controller to support 5 1/4" floppy/Winnies/Tapes
	Reasonable amount of memory (4-8 Mb)
	Reasonable built in display (VGA?)
	*** At least 2 x Full length expansion slots***
	A couple of half size slots.

I need the full length expansion slots for the support of a high-res display
whilst the system is back at base (I'll live without such a beasty on the road)
and an Equinox 12 port I/O board (printers/modems and such).

The general idea is that whilst at base I can use the machine with X for
development but when I need to go on site, I just unplug the large lump
of glass and pick up the machine and go walkies.

Anyone have any suggestions? (phone numbers or addresses for specific
suppliers would be useful).

Ta in advance.
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