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Steven Edward Watt swatt at
Tue Dec 12 17:46:00 AEST 1989

  I have heard that SBT has an accounting package that runs under Xenix using
Foxbase...  But I have no idea of how well it works.  The only vendor I know
of who sells SBT & Xenix (Unix as well? Dunno... haven't talked to him
recently...)  is MicroAge Computers, in Sunnyvale.  Their address:
  MicroAge Computers
  544 N. Lawrence Expwy.
  San Jose, CA    94086 (probably, but not certainly the zip code)

+1 408 732 4222

  Their business is also running off the SBT/Xenix/Foxbase combination, so
it works at least mostly.

Steve Watt

aka steve at wattres.UUCP  if you trust you router (and it's current!)

swatt at

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