Still Waiting for Inode fixes, ZZZZZZZZ

Buster Irby rli at
Wed Dec 6 12:18:02 AEST 1989

akcs.larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder) writes:

>>almost feel the same way.  About a month ago I posted a question about two
>>things, 1). Out of inodes on my news partition, 2). Serial Port problems

>Question number 1 - If you are running ISC I was told several months ago
>that you can't adjust the inode allocation under system V.  If you are
>running SCO Xenix this parameter can be changed when making a new device for
>the hard drive.

OR YOU NEED TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!  A wrong answer to any
question is much worse than no answer at all.  I have been
reading this group for months now and watching you spouting all
kind of incorrect information about ISC and System V, and it is
time for it to stop!  You might try reading the fine manual
before you answer any more questions, you would be amazed at the
amount of *correct* information they contain.  You are doing the
entire network a disservice when you post *WRONG* information to
any newsgroup!  By the way, the name of this group is
comp.unix.i386, not BASH.ISC, and I would appreciate it if you
would take your ISC flames to alt.flames where they belong.

The *correct* answer to the question can be found in
any System V System Administrators Reference Manual:


     /etc/mkfs special blocks[:i-nodes] [gap blocks/cyl]

     special    - is the device name (i.e. /dev/dsk/0s1)
     blocks     - is the total number of blocks on the partition
     i-nodes    - is the user specified number of inodes
     gap        - the rotational gap between heads
     blocks/cyl - the number of blocks per cylinder

By the way, this is not a new feature that ISC snuck into System
V/386 in an attempt to get even with Larry Snyder.  I have a
Uniplus System V.2 manual dated 1983 that showes the same syntax.
Buster Irby  buster!rli

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