Which SCSI adapter is better??

Leslie Mikesell les at chinet.chi.il.us
Fri Dec 8 03:55:18 AEST 1989

In article <6435 at tekgvs.LABS.TEK.COM> keithe at tekgvs.LABS.TEK.COM (Keith Ericson) writes:

>The only downside being that AT&T nor INTEL are delivering a UNIX that can
>use the SCSI controller, Adaptec 1542A or otherwise.  It is, in my opinion,
>a serious deficiency in their product offerings.

This is no longer true.  I just had a blurb from AT&T faxed to me that
SCSI support is available for the 386 SysVR3.2.2.  The AT&T 6386E/33
(made by Intel)  has an internal SCSI as the boot device.  The other
models use ESDI for the the boot device but can add SCSI for secondary
I quote:
"AT&T 6386 WGS computers enhanced with SCSI support the suite of AT&T
3B2 SCSI peripherals."
Sounds encouraging to me (but then I'm not manufacturing 3B2's....).

Les Mikesell
  les at chinet.chi.il.us

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