AT&T V/386 Console Graphics Prog Example

Kurt Gollhardt kdg at nirvo.uucp
Wed Dec 6 15:23:56 AEST 1989

In article <1078 at nsscb.UUCP> rhc at nsscb.UUCP (Rick Calder) writes a very nice
sample SYSV/386 console graphics program, with the following plaint:
>		You may put this program in the background to free up the
>	console, and then use the <ALT-SysReq><Fx> to bounce back and forth.
>	Use the <DEL> to close the graphic.  After a bounce out and back, no
>	input will be read until the <BEEP>.  Why ?  Let me know if you
>	figure it out !  Really, I've no idea.

You need to add the following line to the end of your acquiredisplay()


This tells the driver that you've finished redrawing the screen and the
acquire process is complete.

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