Tape drives and V/386

Clinton Jeffery cjeffery at cs.arizona.edu
Sun Dec 3 16:04:31 AEST 1989

There are cheap Colorado tape backup units selling for $250-$300
which can hold 60MB on extended-play DC2000 tapes.  These drives
attach to the floppy controller rather than requiring their own,
and their low price would make them ideal for the "casual" user.

Do any or all of the Sys V/386 variants include drivers for this
kind of tape drive, or are they DOS-only?  What is the best low-end
tape backup unit for UNIX/386 systems?

Any and all comments will be vastly appreciated!!  E-mail, please,
and if others are interested I will post a summary, or whatever.
| Clint Jeffery, U. of Arizona Dept. of Computer Science
| cjeffery at arizona.edu -or- {noao allegra}!arizona!cjeffery

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