Compuadd Disk Controller?

Jonathan Bayer jbayer at ispi.UUCP
Tue Dec 5 04:16:34 AEST 1989

dpi at loft386.UUCP (Doug Ingraham) writes:

>size.  It runs under Dos 3.3 and Unix System V 386/3.2 (Bell Tech/Intel)
>94216-106 which is 106 MB unformatted and has 1024 cylinders and 5 heads.
>The FMT program wanted it to have 36 sectors/track which comes out to
>94,371,840 bytes.  Using my old WD controller I was only able to get 34
>sectors/track (but the drive looked perfect to Unix and DOS).  With 34

>Now for the bad news.

[stuff deleted regarding slow writes]

Is it possible that the extra two sectors/track was causing the
problems?  It is possible that the last one or two sectors were
interfering with the drive being able to start reading a track, or
trying to find the proper place to start writing.

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