Experience with SCO UNIX 5.3

Walter Mecky walter at mwtech.UUCP
Tue Dec 5 10:09:50 AEST 1989

In the xenix-group there are some more or less hot debates to SCO in
general and SCO UNIX 5.3 in special. I'll have to decide:

	Should I buy 386/ix or SCO UNIX 5.3  ?

My question to all of you who have experience with the SCO UNIX and/or
ISC 386/ix:
1. Does SCO UNIX have so many bugs as noted here ?
2. Is there an online manual in SCO UNIX 5.3 ?
3. How is the support from SCO ?
4. How do SCO UNIX and ISC 386/ix compare (documentation, support, bugs,
   device drivers, performance especially to disk IO) ?
5. What about software: X11, TCP/IP, VP/IX for *SCO UNIX* ?

Thanks for any reply.

Note: please email, I'll summarize.

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