Rlogin problems with Foxbase+; screen is hosed

Karl Denninger karl at ddsw1.MCS.COM
Fri Dec 29 06:45:36 AEST 1989

Hi Usenet!

I have a question:
	Has anyone tried to run SCO Foxbase+ from ISC 2.0.2 over a "rlogin"
	link?  When we try, even in a loopback mode (ie: rlogin to yourself)
	the output on the screen is screwed up.  Pieces of lines and entire
	lines are missing!  Telnet does the same thing (if from the Unix

	This happens on SCO Foxbase 1.0.3 AND 2.1 (Patches have been
	installed).  All relavent X disks from ISC have been installed.

	The same application works fine from a terminal, the console, or from 
	a remote PC telnet'ed into the host from NCSA telnet.

The difference between this and other curses packages?  Foxbase+ uses
termcap curses rather than terminfo.

Help, or source to a "rlogin/rlogind" replacement appreciated!  Hollis and
California are scratching their heads on this one; it's keeping us from
getting our work done!

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