NFS mounting at boot time

fritz zaucker fritzz at
Tue Nov 28 11:16:32 AEST 1989

Another hint for networked unix users.
My be it answers some questions about mounting in the last articles.

If you want to mount NFS directories at boot time these have to be 
specified in /etc/fstab. There are no problems as long as the servers
are on the same ethernet segment. At the installation atour site the
servers are on different segments and so I had to use the command
/etc/route add default servername 3
to get through to these machines. The point is if you want files mounted
at boot time then this command (or a script) has to be called before the
script that mounts the files in /etc/fstab. On my machine it is the file
So you have to put a file into this directory with the necessary route
command(s) and name it with a number lower than 72 (in this case).

No day without learning about Unix.

Fritz Zaucker

P.S.: By the way, did anybody ever think about the following sentence, which
      to me occurs very self contradicting:

      "This page intentionally left free."

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