Accounting packages and unix, (maybe with vpix?).

Russ Kepler russ at bbx.UUCP
Wed Nov 22 03:54:26 AEST 1989

In article <542 at oneb.UUCP> kmcvay at oneb.UUCP (Ken McVay) writes:
>In article <LARRY.89Oct10103753 at focsys.UUCP>, larry at UUCP (Larry Williamson) writes:
>> Our financial department is growing and we would like to integrate
>> their computer system with the company wide unix network. Currently
>> they are running one small ms-dos based system.
>I'd appreciate seeing a digest of any information you can gather on
>xenix accounting systems - we're going to check as many out as we can before
>hitching our wagon....

Not to sound like a advert or anything but you might look up either
software by either State of the Art or by Open Systems.  Either one
has wsome fairly powerfull software that runs quite nicely in either
MS-DOS or a wide variety of UNIX platforms - including Xenix.  The
data files and code are completely portable between operating systems
and processor types and even function in a mixed processor networked

The reason I know this is that my company writes the language that
those folks write their apps in.  If you have specific needs for 
a particular type of accounting system feel free to call and we might
be able to point out someone in your area that can fill the need.


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