voice mail for 386ix

Wm E Davidsen Jr davidsen at crdos1.crd.ge.COM
Thu Nov 23 01:37:07 AEST 1989

  I wanted to do this with _Watson_, but couldn't get to first base with
the company. I spoke with them several times, and the conversations went
something like:
	Me:   will this work with UNIX?
	Them: it works will all DOS applications
	Me:   UNIX isn't a DOS application.
	Them: You can use our interface.
	Me:   Can I get info to write a device driver?
	Them: We alreqady supply a device driver
	Me:   Can I get information on what ports and 
	      interrupts it uses?
	Them: We have a developer's kit for $xxx
	Me:   Does it have information about the ports?
	Them: It tells how to use our device driver
	Me:   Thank you. (hang up phone) *^%&^% twit!

  I went thru this TWICE and decided they couldn't be bothered. Too bad,
the product is SERIOUSLY neat. Someone told me it does NOT run under
VP/ix, but I never spent the $200 to try it.
bill davidsen	(davidsen at crdos1.crd.GE.COM -or- uunet!crdgw1!crdos1!davidsen)
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