Software License for 386/ix

Martin Weitzel martin at mwtech.UUCP
Fri Nov 10 02:56:12 AEST 1989

Hey all 386/ix-users out there,

anyone of you ever read your ISC's SOFTWARE LICENSE carefully or
is mine a special one. I quote from paragraph one:

	[ 1. LICENSE GRANT. .... You may not network the software or
	otherwise use it on more than one computer terminal the same
	time ...]           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Can anybody explain about the second part of that sentence? I have
an 'unlimited users' license! Does this mean, I have to log out, before
I login on another terminal. Or do I even have to kill 'getty' and
take the terminal out of the 'inittab' to be in compliance with the
license :-/. Does this apply to multiscreens on the console too? :-)

Another quote from paragraph two:

	[ 2. COPYRIGHT AND TITLE. ... you may either (a) make one
	(1) copy of the software solely for backup purposes or (b)
	transfer the software to a single hard disk ... ]

Except that this, taken literally, would not allow for the usr-
partition to be installed on a separate drive, there is a a more
serious problem: Given the fact, I backup the root- or usr-partition
on a tape, do I carefully have to *exclude* all ISC-supplied code
from the backups, if I don't want to violate the license?
BTW: Using the backup-selection from the sysadm-menus does *not*
provide for this, so anyone who has ever used it should take a look
to paragraph seven. Again I quote:

	[ 7. TERMINATION: This License ... terminates without notice
	from INTERACTIVE if you fail to comply with any of its
	provisions. Upon termination you shall destroy the software

So, all of you who backed up your 386/ix with the sysadm-menus, hurry
and destroy your software ...

Or is it, that in these days today the one who writes a license agreement
expects, it will not be taken serious (if it is read at all).

P.S.: The above is meant satirically but I greatly appreciate Borland's
"No Nonsense License Statement".

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