SYS V R4 - When will it be released for Generic 386 boxes?

jim frost madd at
Thu Nov 16 09:32:22 AEST 1989

davidsen at (Wm E Davidsen Jr) writes:
>In article <824 at hsi86.hsi.UUCP>, stevens at hsi.UUCP (Richard Stevens) writes:
>|  Anyone know who will ship the first binary release of SVR4
>|  for any type of hardware ?

>Bear in mind there's no huge demand in the 386 market.

That depends on who you ask.  I personally would kill for job-control
and the BSD filesystem on a 386.  Considering the number of times I've
seen similar requests on comp.unix.questions et al, I'd say there's a
lot of demand.

Mach would be better, though :-).

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