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Tue Nov 14 10:37:00 AEST 1989

In article <1852 at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu> fritzz at lamont.ldgo.columbia.edu (fritz zaucker) writes:
>I tried to use /etc/cshrc or /etc/default/.cshrc with ISC 386/ix ver.2.02
>to execute some commands automatically for each user who logs in.
>According to the manual (User's/Administrator's Ref. Manual CSH (1))

This issue has caused confusion because there is both
the csh(1) manual page in the above mentioned AT&T doc, and a csh(1)
man page in the Interactive Systems "C Shell Guide".

When there exist varying descriptions of commands, system calls,
etc. between Interactive and other documentation, the Interactive
documentation will take precedence.

In this case, the Interactive man page does not refer to a global
configuration (cshrc) file implementation, only /$HOME/.cshrc, a per user
configuration file.

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