Another fdisk partition for 386/ix.

jrh jrh at
Mon Nov 20 06:34:58 AEST 1989

The /lost+found directory is probably there when you originally install, the
problem is the shell script /etc/cleanup has a nasty bug in it.  They have
a line which reads:

find /lost+found -mtime 14 -exec rm -rf {} \; > /dev/null 2>&1

This is loaded in crontab to be executed every Sunday morning by default.
The problem is, if /lost+found has not had it's modification time changed 
in 14 days, the entire subdirectory is removed.

to fix the problem, just do the following:

# mkdir /lost+found
# cd /lost+found
# cp /usr/bin/* /lost+found
# rm *
# cd /
# ls -al

The /lost+found directory should be there, with room for a relatively large
number of files.  The script that creates the file makes it about 1360, 
anything there or above should be fine.

Next, modify /etc/cleanup to fix the problem permanently.  The easiest is
to insert a line with:

touch /lost+found

before the 'find' command above, should clear it up...

James R. Howard

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