Why no job control in 386/ix?

Geoffrey Leach leach at tolerant.com
Mon Nov 20 05:07:41 AEST 1989

>From article <3880 at amelia.nas.nasa.gov>, by izen at amelia.nas.nasa.gov (Steven H. Izen):
> The C-shell which was included with 386/ix (a system V UNIX for 386 boxes)
> does not support job control.  Is this because
> 	1) The kernel is missing something required to support it,
> 	2) ISC was too lazy to implement it, or

You think that ISC's csh is bad, just try the one that ATT ships on their
version of the 386 software!  Eech!.

My guess at the reason.  Csh is a Berkley development and SystemV people
don't care for Berkley-isms.  I once complained about the absence of '-r'
on the System V cp command and was told, in efect, that in that context, '-r'
was an offence against Decency and the Natural Order of Things.

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