EXTERNAL SCSI devices for PCs running UNIX

Doug McNeil mcneild at spock
Tue Nov 21 05:41:00 AEST 1989

I am involved in a project which will be integrating PCs running INTERACTIVE
UNIX into a marketplace which for the most part requires turnkey systems.
Reliability, easy of maintaince and ease of installation are high on the list
of priorities.

An idea for using SCSI devices has been floating around. We would provide a
386/486 PC box with a SCSI interface capable of driving multiple, EXTERNAL
devices. Devices like disk drives, tape drives, multi-port devices, etc..
This would allow our customers to upgrade with a minimal amount of fuss. If
you need more disk plug one in, tape drive, no problem. They wouldn't have to
know anything about interrupts or slots or even how to take the cover off of
their PC. This would hopefully have a beneficial effect on the amount of
support we would have to provide to both our dealers and customers.

So, does anyone know what support there is out there for EXTERNAL SCSI devices.
The volume we are talking about should be of interest to OEMs in the audience.

Please reply by email and I'll summarize.


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